TOPI – Chris Dyer “Neo Human”

TOPI – Chris Dyer “Neo Human”


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Chris Dyer grew up in Lima, Peru till age 17, where he was involved in 80’s skateboarding, 90’s surfing and soccer oriented gang-banging. He eventually moved to Canada to study art and is now based in Montreal, where he works out of his home “The Positive Portal”. Chris’ art is rooted in the skateboard culture he has been part of since a young boy, as early as 1986 when he would draw his own board graphics.

Chris’ exploration of inner worlds and ability to juggle mediums, styles and themes has made him stand out in the different art movements he is part of. Because of his unique voice and high productivity, Chris has become one of the leading figures of the North American Visionary Art scene. This position has given him the chance to act as a bridge between that spiritual movement and less typically “conscious” art scenes he is part of, like street art and skate art.

Featuring one of our favorite designs by the Peruvian/Canadian artist Chris Dyer, is his Neo Human print. Available now while stocks last !

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