TOPI – India Flower

TOPI – India Flower


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100% Polyester Microfiber

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Multi-functional Head Wear

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Nymphaea nouchali

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Nymphaea nouchali, often known by its synonymNymphaea stellata, or by common namesblue lotus,[1]star lotus,[citation needed]red and blue water lily, or blue star water lily is a water lily of genus Nymphaea. It is native to southern and eastern parts of Asia, and is the national flower of Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. This species is sometimes considered to include the blue Egyptian lotus Nymphaea caerulea.[2] In the past, taxonomic confusion has occurred, with the name Nymphaea nouchali incorrectly applied to Nymphaea pubescens.[3]

In psychedelic color scheme, the India Flower Topi is for those who have an affinity for intense deep colors. Get yours and start showing the true colors of your tribe.

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