TOPI – Peacock

TOPI – Peacock


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In a general sense peacocks are a symbol of openness and acceptance. In Christianity the peacock is a symbol of immortality. In Mesopotamia there appeared a symbolic representation of a tree flanked by two peacocks, which is said to symbolise the dualistic mind and the absolute unity. In Hinduism the patterns of the peacock’s feathers, resemble eyes and symbolise stars. In buddhism they symbolise wisdom.

Peacocks are said to have the ability of eating poisonous plants without being affected by them and because of that, they are synonymous with the great bodhisattvas. A bodhisattva is able to take delusions as the path toward liberation and transforms the poisonous mind of ignorance, desire and hatred [moha, raga, dvesa] into the thought of enlightenment or bodhicitta, which opens colourfully like the peacocks’ tail.

Yant Hongsa (swan bird)

The Hongsa is a mythical bird, similar to a peacock perhaps or a swan. It is common among Yant designs and this Yant represents a previous incarnation of the Lord Buddha. The bearer of this Yant is said to possess great oratory skills and can convince people easily. It also represents good fortune and is very popular as a cloth Yant seen hanging in shops.

You can show your predisposition to enlightenment, bodhisattvas and great conversations by wearing the new peacock design Topi.

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