TOPI – Sakyant Tiger

TOPI – Sakyant Tiger


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Sakyant Tiger

Among the many Sak Yant designs available in Thailand is the Sakyant Tiger or Tigers Yant. The Tiger is a symbol of strength and power and nothing gets in the way of a Tiger. People who choose the Tiger Yant would like to receive some of the attributes of the Tiger including strength and fearlessness. The Tiger Yant is also powerful enough to drive away evil spirits. In the jungle, the tiger has the respect of other animals who will move aside rather than confront the Tiger so the Tiger Yant is frequently chosen by business people and is popular among entrepreneurs and people who wish drive away any competition and gain wealth. The Tiger Yant is also a good choice for those people born in the Year of the Tiger.

This Yant is a favourite with Muay Thai fighters and soldiers alike. Many prefer twin tigers, with the Akara (Khom script) encompassing the lower half of the Yant. This Yant is said to also offer help in business dealings.

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